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[Feature request] Alert VM when Integration services are not up-to-date

Jun 3, 2011 at 11:03 AM

Hello all

HyperV Monitor is a great tool.

One idea for a new feature request, that I think usefull:

Within HyperV and HyperV manager, it's difficult to know that which VM has got an older "Integration Services" or not (after a new service pack or an HyperV update, Integration services may have been updated to a new version and VM are not automatically updated).

It would be nice that HyperV Monitor show alerts about Virtual machines with outdated Integration Services ...

My Idea is that HyperV Monitor could display each VM name with an another color than the current Cyan on black ( for example,  Yellow on black like some warning ) when VM's Integration Services are out of date ( =  are different or older version than version IS needed for current running hyperV version)

Perhaps to 2 ways to check this:

- check the "hyperV-integration" Eventlog on the hyperv's host if some event id 4130 are found for each VM

- check in the vmguest.iso found in C:\windows\system32 , which contains the lastest IS version

otherwise, there is perhaps some registry or WMI entries showing IS versions


I hope I could see soon this feature in some next hypervmon release