Closing the Gadget Causes All Servers to Disappear


F* me! This Gadget is DA BOMB! It is so good I am at a loss to describe how good it is.

One thing I did notice: If the Gadget is ever closed (whether it was accidental or let's say if it crashed), then all the Servers that were configured disappears. Like this morning while trying it out, it happened to me. I had about 10 Servers listed and was watching them and the Gadget looked like it froze...at which point I clicked on the X and closed it. When I started the Gadget again, all my Servers were gone. Had to key them all in again. PITA.

Tested and replicated this issue twice.

Would really be nice if there is a way to have this stored somewhere, or perhaps have an import/export like another poster has suggested.