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Great new : It works also on Windows 10 1607 now !!

Aug 16, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Just for your information, I was able to run this gadget on my new Windows 10 1607 (anniversary update) to monitor local HyperV Client AND some remote W2012 R2 / 2008 R2 HyperV hosts !

To use it:
  • Install 8gadgets Pack v20 mini , to add old "Gadgets layer" support (which is deprecated and no more included in windows since W8.x) , free and donwload from
  • download HyperV Monitor 5.2.5 on from this site and install IT on 8gadgetPack (Run 8GadgetPack then "Add Gadget')
  • Make the workaround about 2012 R2 support , posted by QUEDEL see link
  • Reload Sidebar (kill Sidebar process and rerun it) or reboot the PC
It might be needed to disabled UAC protection on Win10 (User Account Control) to allow WMI requests ...